26.02.2014 A bright new dawn for Cake: A rebrand blogged

A big welcome to our new website. If this is your first visit to our site, then you’ll notice absolutely nothing different. A big welcome to you. Have a great day. Feel free to drop back by sometime.

If you were familiar with the old site, then we hope you enjoy surfing the new one.  Have a good poke around! Get happy with those left clicks!

A note of caution: if you notice any typos, please don’t email us. We’ll probably have a meltdown.

CakeSiteMark3 (to use the unwieldy name we’ve been using here)  has been a labour of love, and a few months in the making. Anybody who has been through the pain of getting a new website live knows how much time goes into getting the final version signed off and live, and we are relieved to have it out there on the interweb. And, without being too self-congratulatory, we are pretty darn pleased with it.

It’s not just a new website that has been keeping team Cake busy, but the development of a whole new brand. And an office move. We don’t do things by halves here…oh no.

So why the shakeup?

It’s not as if we have the time to sit around being bored, so it wasn’t a case of deciding to mix things up for the sake of it. No sirrree.

This July sees us mark our third birthday. From one girl (that’ll be our MD) with nothing but a big idea, a laptop and a permanent base in the 24-hour Starbucks in Cardiff Bay (there were a lot of Americanos consumed that Summer….), Cake has come a long way (baby).

As we move into our third year, we felt it was time to refresh our brand to reflect just how far we have come.

As we tell our own clients time and again, a brand is so much more than a logo. A brand is a promise, and one that has to be delivered on consistently to have any meaning. So we wanted the new brand to reflect the things that are special about our agency.

So we talked to clients, to our media contacts and had some honest conversations amongst ourselves to help inform the development of our new brand.

A big thanks to the team at Wonder, who held our hand through that process. We couldn’t have done it without you guys (*extends grateful thanks in the form of a gratuitous hyperlink*).

What came out of those conversations is that what we offer is a whole heap of brightness. Brighter writing. Bright ideas.

We love the word bright because it works on two levels; firstly in the illuminating sense, because we work hard to shine a light on our clients. This was the bit where we got quite carried away with ideas of studio spotlights and Hollywood stage sets (you should have seen the mood boards…)

Then there’s bright in the sense of good old-fashioned intelligence.

We all know a bright spark right? The kid in school you just know will go far. It’s a much nicer word than clever, with all of its undertones of smugness. (“Too clever for their own good” anyone?).

So our new brand is hooked around the concept of brightness. Because if there’s one thing you want in a communications agency it’s a team of bright sparks offering big ideas, and brighter delivery.

And that’s what we are confident we offer, not just because we like to think so but because our clients tell us so.

So it’s new starts all around. With a growing team and some exciting new client wins, 2013 was the year we outgrew Cake Towers mark one.

After a few weeks of packing and unpacking boxes, scratching our head over printer leads and getting used to the smell of fresh paint, we are very happy to be settled in our lovely new home.

New HQ, new website, new business cards…and a record-beating start to the year with five pieces of national broadsheet coverage secured for clients in the first seven weeks of 2014.

Did we mention that we don’t do things by halves?

One thing is for certain: it sure is an exciting time to be at Cake. If you want to find out why for yourself, why not drop in to Cake Towers mark two?

We are conveniently located in the heart of Cardiff Bay, just opposite the train station. We can offer some seriously comfy sofas, a mean cuppa and you’ll be extended much more special than a warm welcome – you’ll get a bright one…

Team Cake x