10.09.2013 Baker’s dozen: The Twitterview – Senior Account Executive Martin Sparey

The rules are simple. Thirteen questions, 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Senior Account Executive and office politico Martin Sparey…

Bio:@SpareySpeaks, PR type at @cakecomms. Footballer for @CSKASophia. Loves sports, politics and The Office.


Best thing about your job?

Getting paid to write for a living! Also the office ‘banter’. Instigated by @sararobinson81 obvz.

Worst thing about your job? The air-conditioning. It’s awful.

Your desert island disc? Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto. For me, this is musical perfection. Plus, I saw the tour in Manchester and it always takes me back there.

Your desert island book? Hard Landing by Stephen Leather. Fast-paced, action-packed and gripping throughout. What more could you want?

What’s your free time treat? Football on a Sunday for @CSKASophia. Goals, gaffes and hilarity throughout.

Favourite place? My home village in Hampshire. Quiet, tranquil and by the sea. My dog Lucky is also there.

Pet hate? Traffic, bad grammar, banjo based bands that headline global festivals, Liverpool FC.

What makes you smile? Anything and everything really. Though mostly The Smiths (perversely) and @ManUtd.

Words of wisdom? “What you put into something, you will get out of it.” My old man.

Favourite place to eat? Gaucho Grill in London. If you like a good steak, go now. Run.

Guilty pleasure? Star Wars. I just love it, okay?

A secret you don’t mind sharing? I sang at our final school play as Elvis (and yes there is video evidence buried somewhere!)

What couldn’t you live without? My family. I live miles from home but they’re always on the end of the phone for support or advice and that’s invaluable to me.