19.10.2013 Baker’s Dozen: The Twitterview – Senior Account Executive Rebecca Goodhand

rebecca-goodhandThe rules are simple. 13 questions. 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Senior Account Executive Rebecca Goodhand.

Bio: @writeth0therway – Senior Account Executive @CakeComms. I like comedy, varied length films & my cat.

Best thing about your job?: Working on creative campaigns. It’s such a buzz to see a few scribbles in a notepad and discussions in a room come to life.

Worst thing about your job?: Making lists and lots of them. However, there’s a great satisfaction in crossing tasks off – it’s a love/ hate relationship.

Your desert island disc?: ‘There is a light that never goes out’ by The Smiths.  Reminds me of university and big headphones.  I was born in the wrong decade.

Your desert island book?: ‘Mean Time’ by Carol Ann Duffy. My version is battered, stained and only worth a few pounds on Amazon now – as a favourite book should be.

What’s your free time treat?: I love visiting new places, particularly old towns with second hand bookshops. A pint with friends in a great pub also goes down well.

Favourite place?: Roath Park for an ice cream, a catch-up, a jog and the ducks. New Zealand has amazing scenery and cool people- an incredible place to visit.

Pet hate?:  Laziness, rudeness, apathy and indifference.

What makes you smile?: Making plans, comedy, the sun, going places (not the TV show), great music and films, dancing, lovely books and my friends.

Words of wisdom?: ‘If they give you lined paper, write the other way’ – Juan Ramón Jiménez. As Dr Seuss said, why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Favourite place to eat?: Hang Fire BBQ at The Canadian pub in Splott – amazing food, great service and I can play skittles for free afterwards.

Guilty pleasure?: Eating dessert when I’m full and buying New magazine, because I quite enjoy ‘Planet Pete’.

A secret you don’t mind sharing?: I have read all of the Beatrix Potter collection approximately 100 times. I was an energetic child!

What couldn’t you live without? : Apart from the obvious – I would hate to not have an imagination.