07.12.2016 Brighter Comms recognised for commitment to diversity

Brighter Comms has been recognised for its commitment to diverse and inclusive working practices.

We are proud to have achieved the ‘achieving level’ of Chwarae Teg’s Exemplar Employer Award.

The gender equality charity launched the programme in June to celebrate businesses that have successfully broken down barriers affecting women’s recruitment, retention and career progression.

To qualify for an Exemplar Employer Award, businesses have to demonstrate evidence of a number of practices relating to positive workplace culture, including performance management, learning and development opportunities and flexible working.

The award represents three different levels of achievement  – developing, achieving and leading – and is designed to recognise organisations that are developing positive cultural practices and those already leading by example.


We are especially pleased to have gained the achieving level straight away, and we are now working towards the leading level.

Sara Robinson, MD of Brighter Comms, said: “One of the reasons I started Brighter Comms was to promote inclusive and flexible working practices.

“As a business we are committed to equality and diversity, it is at the core of everything we do. That’s why this award is so important.

“But we will not rest on our laurels, we are determined to keep improving and developing our policies and practices to create a fairer, more flexible and more equal workplace.”

Jo Bishop, employer lead at Chwarae Teg said: “The organisations that have so far achieved the various levels of the award have set the standard by which all businesses in Wales should strive to achieve.

“Whether by introducing more inclusive recruitment policies or signing up to our Employer’s Programme, there are a number of key steps that businesses can take to improve overall diversity and gender equality within the workplace.

“We are proud to be recognising and celebrating the organisations who are leading the way.”

The Employer’s Programme, which is delivered by Chwarae Teg as part of Agile Nation 2, supports businesses to implement equality strategies and modern working practices.

Agile Nation 2 is funded by the Welsh Government and European Social Fund with the aim of improving the position of women in the workforce across nine priority sectors.