27.03.2015 Brighter Comms to sponsor first Big Issue vendor award

Team Brighter is delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Big Issue Cymru’s inaugural Vendor Awards Ceremony, which will reward its deserving vendors. Vendors will be nominated by staff members and the public for awards such as Most Improved Vendor, Reader’s Choice and Best Fancy Dress. Vendors from all over Wales will have the chance to win medals and prizes, as a culmination of the Big Issue’s ‘Aspirations Week’ (13th-17th April 2015).

Every year The Big Issue vendors across Britain spend a week celebrating their life goals and aspirations. ‘Aspirations Week’ allows Big Issue staff to discover the vast and varying roles their vendors seek.

Aspirations Week aims to allow vendors to rediscover their dreams, allowing staff and supporters to try and help vendors achieve their goals.  In previous years vendors in Wales have done everything from taking part in a Zumba class to writing Facebook and Twitter posts about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

This year marks the first time vendors have been able to compete for awards for their achievements. The awards will be sponsored by us at Brighter Comms and presented by Sara Robinson, our Managing Director.

Commenting on the awards, which will take place in Chapter Arts Centre on 17th April she said:

Ever since we took part in the Big Issue’s Big Sell Off, we have been really keen to cement our partnership with the hard-working team, who do so much to support the vendors. Taking part in the Big Sell Off taught us so much about the hardships and challenges facing vendors every day, but we were blown away by their resilience and determination.

“The awards are a great opportunity to reward those vendors who are working really hard to get their lives back on track.”

Claire Bissett, The Big Issue Cymru’s Regional Business Engagement Officer, said:

“All of our dedicated vendors are looking forward to the awards ceremony. The vendors don’t often get to be appreciated and praised for everything they do. If we didn’t have the vendors there wouldn’t be The Big Issue and we feel strongly that it’s about time that they were recognised for their hard work.”