24.07.2014 Cake Lunch Club launch

On Thursday we launched the Cake Lunch Club. Contrary to popular belief we’re not just about butter icing laden indulgences round here – especially since our resident clean eating blogger Ruth started with us.

The idea behind Lunch Club was to drag us away from the all too common practice of break times ‘al desko’; provide a chance to get together, enjoy something wholesome and nutritious and give a bit back in the process.

At the start of the week Team Cake members opt in, or out. In exchange for £3.50 per person Ruth prepares an entirely junk free plateful that goes one forkful further towards helping us all live happier, healthier lives.

A dish is decided upon, ingredients purchased and any remaining profits will be used at the end of the initial lunch run to donate to Cardiff Food Bank.

Each week the lunch is enjoyed at a table together. In between mouthfuls, Ruth leads conversations based around a weekly theme.

Here’s how week one shaped up:

On the menu

Roasted squash and lentil salad based on this excellent BBC Good Food recipe.

How it went down

“I feel like I’ve eaten a burger I’m that satisfied” Sara Robinson

“Man, this is lush” Rebecca Goodhand

 *speechless* [for once] Kate Anderson

 “I’ve never eaten feta or lentils!” Emma Croke, aged 20 and four fifths.

This week’s theme

‘Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin’

Ruth says:

“Our skin is a bit like the weather forecast of our health. Dark circles under your eyes? That’s usually a sign of something grey and gloomy going on. Radiant, rosy cheeks? That’s as good as every cell in your body doing cartwheels on freshly cut grass. What’s happening on the outside is a pretty darn good interpretation of whether you need to send in some reinforcements to lend a helping hand on the inside.

When it comes to supporting skin health, our dear friend, the well balanced and varied diet, is pretty awesome at providing essential nutrients that strengthen, support and protect skin cells. Some of the essential things for good skin care are protein (skin tissue relies on this for its formation) and fluid intake –  if you find yourself with constantly cracked corners of the mouth, the chances are you’re not drinking enough. And sorry, you can’t count the occasional glass of vino as fluid, as alcohol is a skin dehydrating diuretic.

Vitamin A, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, B Complex and Omega 3 Fatty Acids are all brilliant nutrients for skin production and protection.”

So where do we get them from? In this week’s lunch:

Vitamin A: feta cheese

Beta-Carotene: Butternut squash

Lycopene: Cherry tomatoes (ideally cooked to release the lycopene)

Zinc: Pumpkin seeds

For a copy of this week’s hand out contact ruth.walters@cakecomms.co.uk