31.07.2014 Cake Lunch Club: Session 2

After a roaring success of the inaugural meeting (in so much as no one called in sick with food poisoning…) Ruth has taken to the kitchen to lay on another nutritious spread for Cake Lunch Club.

On the menu

Beetroot and creamed goats cheese topped with sunflower seeds. French salad (fine green beans, petit pois, garlic, mint, shallots, lemon juice, zest & olive oil) and a spoonful of spelt.

About the menu

Beetroot – in keeping with last week’s beta-carotene skin boosting awesome. Beetroot also offers brilliant support for heart health.

Creamed goats cheese – think a slightly tangier Philadelphia equivalent minus the cow’s milk or e numbers…

Seeds – obligatory crunch with any cheese dish. Sunflower seeds are notably a great source of calcium too.

French beans – because Ruth’s going to France on holiday next week!

Petit pois – another legume fix that works brilliantly to cheaply and nutritiously bulk out salads

All the herbs for serious amounts of flavour. Including citrus zest in salad dressings is a brilliant vitamin C fix – as the skin and pith are where the largest amounts of this antioxidant micronutrient lie.

Spelt – one of the first grains to be grown by early farmers and an ancient and distant cousin to modern wheat. It’s higher than wheat in energy nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and iron.

How it went down

It’s safe to say the team’s gastronomic bravery has once again been tested to the max:

“I’ve never had goats cheese, I’m a bit worried” said Emma, to the world’s most threatening cheese…

“Not eaten hardly any of this before. I am very much a safety vegetable kinda gal” said Kate, to the vegetables that had already made their way out the emergency exit…

 *nose dives* into the plate “Smells incredible” said Martin.

This week’s theme

‘Juicing 101’

 Ruth says:

“On the back of the office Nutribullet arriving this week I thought it would be good to take a look at the pros and cons of juicing. It’s a headline grabbing clean living past time that often sees opinion really divided. The big thing to consider is what’s actually making its way into the juicer – especially when it comes to maximising the fibre content and not OD’ing on fructose. We walked through a series of fruits and vegetables and their respective sugar contents. Along with the detailed charts that will now accompany Team Cake on their respective foraging (read, trips to Splott Market) at the weekend, a quick and easy rule to remember is usually the darker the fruit, the lower the fructose – so think berries not bananas.”

For a copy of this week’s hand out contact ruth.walters@cakecomms.co.uk