14.08.2014 Cake Lunch Club: Session 3

On the menu

Crab & avocado topped with chilli flakes on rye bread toast with mixed leaves.

About the menu

An omega-3 tastic dose of crab with the delicious smooth creaminess of the fibre and (good) fat loaded avocado.

The rye bread is a tasty filler and its high fibre content often cited as a brilliant way to support diabetes prevention, stand up against cancer and keep our gut (the centre of our immune system) functioning wonderfully.

A handful of leafy greens on the side because no dish is ever complete without them.

How it went down

Surprisingly well! There was a great deal of apprehension from this week’s lunch club attendees on hearing the news that there would be seafood on the menu.

That soon changed when there was toast, avocado and a wee chilli kick thrown into the mix.

Ruth says “Week on week I love the sense of adventure amongst lunch clubbers. I’m desperate to get everyone trying new things and introducing them to quick recipes that can be tried at home. This was certainly a braver and slightly more exotic dish to have plumped for but there were clean plates all round. A relief and a triumph!”

This week’s theme

After a really busy week we took the time to make the most of 30 minutes away from our desks together and welcomed our work experience Lauren to her first lunch club.

Topics included trying new things, becoming a nutritionist, the varying relationships we all have with food and just why people opt for apparent convenience when real, whole foods genuinely don’t take that much longer to prepare.