21.08.2014 Cake Lunch Club: Session 4
On the menu

Mozzarella and tomato salad with basil

Galia melon with fresh berries

Parma ham

About the menu

This week Ruth took inspiration from good friend and fellow blogger Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures. With Italian roots, many of Ceri’s recipes work hard to prove it’s not all about pizza and pasta and Mamma Mia are there many a grain free delicacy to be enjoyed from the beautiful country.

Ruth kept it simple but nice and pretty with plenty of strong flavours in the tomatoes and berries to bring some zing to this Thursday lunchtime.

How it went down

No one groaned at the lack of grissini and there was much diving in for a second helping which is always an encouraging start.

It was agreed tomato and mozzarella salads are often a popular starter choice when eating out but rarely prepared at home.

This week’s theme

With some extra time to prepare this week’s lunch club delights Ruth talked about ‘pretty plates’. About making food as appetising and pleasing to the eye as possible.

Ruth says “Very often a teeny bit of extra effort at lunch or dinner time goes a long way to making a meal that bit more enjoyable. I’m investing a lot of time in exploring mindfulness at the moment and there’s a lot to be said for not just wolfing down a plateful without little care or consideration. Instagram has created a whole army of budding food stylists and whilst you might not be one for over thinking how good your dinner will look when cropped square (note, it’s always got to be the Valencia filter…) spare a thought next time for making your plate that bit prettier.”

Buon Appetito Amici!