28.08.2014 Cake Lunch Club: Session 5

On the menu

Wholewheat cous cous kale, orange and sultana salad topped with crumbled feta and a side of rocket and avocado.

About the menu

The theme this week is immunity and no better way to celebrate it than with the vitamin c loaded kale and orange.

Grains can be unfairly demonised and the nutritional properties of whole grains all too often neglected. Whole grains are rich in B vitamins and minerals with the latest studies also revealing their role in reducing the risk of colon cancer and heart disease.

How it went down

The nature of this dish meant cost per head was pretty low (especially because Ruth picked up the avocados and oranges from the reduced aisle). It was a sizeable plateful for everyone and next to nothing left for the compost bin.

This week’s theme


Ruth says “A few of the office have dropped like flies this past couple of weeks with a nasty lurgy doing the rounds. Time to nip that nastiness in the bud and arm the team with some ideas to incorporate into their dinners as autumn sets in. The jury and the research community is out when it comes to how effective vitamin C is at stopping a cold but it’s definitely proven to reduce the severity and the onset. When you think vitamin C, I bet you think oranges, don’t you? But leafy greens are also vitamin C rich and boast a whole ton of other, lower sugar properties in the process.

Prevention is always so much better than a cure especially when you’re feeling under the weather the last thing you feel like doing is eating a proper meal. I tend to just focus on keeping as hydrated as I can. A bottle of water beside my sick bed means there’s no need to venture out from under the covers and it’s a good way of keeping track of exactly how much fluid you’ve taken on board.”