04.09.2014 Cake Lunch Club: Session 6

It’s our last lunch club of the summer and a really important one at that.

This week we made lunch according to the shopping list issued by Cardiff Food Bank.

Whilst it’s been brilliant to experiment with lots of foods and flavours lunch club attendees may not have otherwise tried, it’s important to take a step back and remember one of the reasons why we embarked on this little initiative.

Each week Ruth charges lunch club attendees (some weeks we’ve got up to six, today there were just two of us owing to meeting commitments) £3.50 to join in. Ruth prepares the menu and the plates and any profit left from buying the raw ingredients will be donated to a shop for Cardiff Food Bank.

On the menu

Tuna salad with chick peas and green beans followed by rice pudding with strawberry jam.


Food – Serves two


Tin tuna (ASDA Smartprice Tuna Chunks In Brine)


Tin chickpeas (ASDA Chickpeas In Water)


Tin green beans (Crosse & Blackwell Cut Green Beans in Water)


Tin rice pudding (ASDA Smartprice Rice Pudding)


2 teaspoons strawberry jam (ASDA Smartprice Strawberry Jam)




 *prices according to ASDA online as at 04.09.14

 About the menu

“I was determined to keep today’s lunch as nutritionally balanced as possible but obviously working within the confines of the shopping list. Protein and anything green is up there as my number one priority at any mealtime which becomes a bit of a struggle when all foods available are canned. The beans were a brilliant find and the chick peas not only offer some superb extra plant protein alongside the protein in the tuna but also provide carbohydrates. As for the rice pudding, what’s not to love about something that harks back to your childhood? My Grandparents are both in their nineties and not a week has gone by without Ambrosia on the menu. Whilst rice pudding wouldn’t normally be my go to, it represents a superb option for calcium and milk proteins in this shopping list at a really reasonable price. The jam’s a great addition of calories and sugar for a bit of an energy boost. The lunch definitely needed the rice pudding to leave us satisfied and bulk out the meal a bit. Above all this this week ‘s lunch club has made me even more grateful for every meal I am able to so fortunately enjoy and really hope to be able to continue to give something back to Trussell Trust in future.”

Our donation

From our lunch club efforts we will be doing a shop to the value of £38.65 to drop at Cardiff Food Bank next week.