22.01.2016 Emoji advertising: The latest way to reach your audience on social media?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years, you’ll be well acquainted with emojis. Just in case you have happened to have missed them, they’re the little picture icons that you can insert into text and can now be found on pretty much any mobile keyboard. TOP TIP: You can also generate this keyboard on a Mac, using the shortcut Ctrl+Cmd+Space.


Brands have jumped on the growing trend of using emojis in order to reach out to a younger, tech savvy audience and now, what started off as a hashflag for the 2014 World Cup has become a must-have marketing strategy for the biggest brands.

emojiblog1Coca-Cola was the first brand to purchase its own emoji as part of an ad deal last year. When you typed #ShareACoke, users would generate a picture of two bottles clinking and Coca-Cola claimed a record for the ‘largest Twitter “Cheers”’(or ‘iechyd da’!).


Another social media landmark is set to be reached on Sunday, when Candy Crush will become the first brand to launch a global emoji campaign on Twitter.

In a partnership between King Digital Entertainment and Twitter, a campaign involving emojis generated by hashtags, innovative GIFs and Twitter polls will roll out to launch the new Candy Crush Jelly Saga game.

Users who type #JellyQueen into Twitter will generate an emoji of the lead character from the game. The campaign GIFs incorporate Twitter’s new ‘scratchreels’ feature, which will allow users to drag jelly across their smartphone screens with their fingers.


The game’s lead character will also have her own profile, from which personalised messages will be sent out whenever a user tweets @CandyCrushJelly or uses #JellyQueen.

The potential to work directly with Twittter on a new breed of interactive campaigns is clearly attractive to brands looking to cut through on the social media platform.

Brands including Diptyque, Kim Kardashian and One Direction have already released their own emoji sets (Kimoji anyone?).

But will this form of social media advertising create user fatigue, and will emojis decline in popularity as they become ‘brand-owned’?

If you’re thinking about an emoji campaign, then our advice would be to ensure you have a budget akin to Coca-Cola and King Digital. There are plenty of other exciting ways to work social media platforms into your marketing strategy though, and if you want to find out more then get in touch here.