02.11.2016 Four things broadcasters want from PR agencies


The way we consume news is changing. Broadcasters, print journalists and PR professionals alike are constantly having to adapt to meet new demands for more immediate, more engaging and more optimised content.

When it comes to securing coverage for clients, broadcast is often viewed as the holy grail of PR wins.

So what are broadcasters looking for from PR agencies and their clients?


Case studies

An obvious one, perhaps, but broadcasters always need interesting case studies to contextualise wider stories in a human way. For PR agencies, it’s becoming more important than ever to find the more personal and unique stories from clients and bring them to the forefront – even if they’re not the most obvious spokesperson.


Creative ideas for visuals

Most broadcasters will create their own visual content to support a story, whether that’s with motion graphics or by capturing their own footage. While the BBC is unlikely to use a pre-recorded or crafted interview produced by someone else, it is always more likely to cover a story if it has a visual element to it – even if this is only a small part of main angle.



The gift of time isn’t always available or possible in the media industry, particularly when it comes to breaking stories or unexpected news, but advance warning is something broadcast journalists truly appreciate.  Even if an upcoming story is only in the developing stages, giving a heads up to a journalist not only helps them plan ahead but carrying out follow-up pitches can increase the chances of the story getting covered at the right time.


Think about Facebook

Journalists across all sections of the media are under increasing pressure to meet tough targets with the content they produce. Although television and online still represent the trusted core of news outlets, with its sharing capabilities and live broadcasting function, Facebook is fast becoming one of the most popular platforms for accessing breaking news and features. This means that, while not every story will get covered on the main broadcasters, it might make for some really engaging content on their Facebook pages. It’s therefore always worth pitching a visual story to a journalist even if it doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for the evening news, as it might be of interest on Facebook.