21.07.2015 How to make the most of Flipagram in your social media campaigns

With an ever increasing range of new apps promising exciting ways to create content, it’s often easy to overlook the more simple, and often most effective tools available.

Flipagram isn’t a new app, in fact it’s been around since 2013 as a feature tool for Instagram. Its basic function is nothing particularly original, and simply allows users to create an automated slide show of their photos paired with music, using access to albums in their phone, Facebook and Instagram.

Yet a recent update to the app means that Flipagram now offers a unique opportunity to brands wishing to access a wider and more engaged consumer audience. Thanks to a number of deals with international music labels, Flipagram now allows users to share and discover music from major artists by including a track in their video. For brands, this means that they can now link their slideshow to a popular chart hit, and tag it as such on social media without any licensing issues. Flipagram is the first app to enable this sort of functionality.

This new relationship with record labels means that brands can now use Flipagram to access and appeal to a much wider consumer audience, and most significantly, the high-spending millennial demographic.

How brands can use Flipagram

The majority of Flipagram users are under 25 and female, and the app is beginning to produce a number of influencers who are posting about consumer-friendly topics such as fashion and food. By piggybacking on this with their own content, brands can generate more interest from these valuable target groups.

Even major international brands have been creating shareable content with Flipagram. This summer, on-demand taxi app, Uber, created a Flipagram video for their Seattle branch using images of real people cycling around the city. The video was to support their social campaign, #TravelWithCare, and received over 70,000 likes and 2000 shares.

Actress Jessica Alba created a Flipagram to raise awareness and demonstrate her involvement with a US campaign to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act. The video tells the story of her lobby campaign with the government in Washington, and is paired with The Beatles track, All You Need Is Love.

Last weekend, Kraft Foods used Flipagram to promote their range of ice cream recipes on the back of #NationalIceCreamDay. The video is very simple and uses only 10 different images with a 25-second clip of music, yet it has already been viewed over 604,000 times.

Here are our top tips for creating brighter content with Flipagram:

Support a campaign or national awareness day – produce some quick and easy supporting material for your campaign or a wider national awareness day using images, music and on-screen text. Flipagram allows you to create short videos on any topic using your own images, which can be shared across multiple social media platforms. Share the video using your own hashtag or a national one, and you’re bound to get engagement.

Celebrate the human side of your brand – remind your audience that your brand is run by real people by creating a Flipagram video of your team members using personal and behind-the-scenes photographs. Pair it with a slick, hit music track to offer a greater insight into your brand identity through shareable content.

Showcase a new product – Flipagram allows you to share as many images as you like in the order of your choice. This offers up a great opportunity to showcase a new product or service for free using a slideshow of strategically selected material. Imagine the prototype to shelf possibilities!

Connect with your audience – encourage your followers to engage and share images with you on social media, and then create a Flipagram to celebrate their content. Social media users love to see their own images being used by brands, and this tactic offers up a great opportunity to generate further engagement.

With the launch of so many different new apps with the potential for corporate content creation, such as Periscope and VSCO Cam, it’s no surprise that marketers might overlook a two-year-old photo slideshow app. Yet, the simple concept of telling a story through images and music is actually one of the most powerful techniques for connecting with an engaged and willing audience.

And to prove it, take a look at our team Brighter Flipagram video