08.03.2017 How to turn clients into thought leaders

The traditional method of gaining print coverage for a client was to issue a press release and hope for the best.

Today’s rapidly evolving media landscape means publishers, of both print and online titles, are demanding a wider variety of content to engage their readers, so press releases alone are no longer enough to guarantee client coverage.

One method of gaining coverage is to position your clients as thought leaders in their respective fields or sectors, offering them up as expert commentators to provide their opinions on the latest issues affecting their work.

This approach not only ensures your client is seen as an authoritative voice but also guarantees those all-important brand mentions. It can also lead to further media opportunities and can even open doors to meetings with other influential figures.

Here is how we turned three of our clients into thought leaders.


Richard Selby

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The construction sector, and in particular the steel industry, is dominated by a small number of influential voices.

In this environment it is hard enough for startups to succeed, let alone become part of the debate.

But in Pro Steel director Richard Selby we knew we had a young, dynamic thought leader whose opinions on the sector could challenge the status quo.

Richard’s experience working for a major construction firm before launching Pro Steel added to his credibility and opened doors in the Welsh media and beyond.

We helped Richard become part of the debate on important topics affecting the steel industry in Wales and the UK including Brexit and government investment.

He has been featured in local media including BBC Wales, ITV Wales and WalesOnline, business publications including Real Business, Elite Business and Director, trade publications including Construction News and national publications including The Telegraph and The Guardian.

We also secured a number of key speaking opportunities for Richard including the Policy Forum for Wales keynote seminar on priorities for the future of infrastructure in Wales.

This coverage directly led to interest from, and meetings with, business groups and leading politicians.

Mr Selby said: “With our first-class PR support we have grown from a start up to an award winning national specialist construction brand. 

“Brighter Comms has enabled us access to key decision makers and influencers to raise our profile, which in turn has assisted us in securing many high-profile projects while we have also been able enhance our offering and diversify our client base.”

Siân Goodson 

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Siân Goodson is founder and managing director of executive search business Goodson Thomas.

To help build Siân’s business in a niche but competitive market, we knew we had to position her as a thought leader in her areas of expertise, namely executive search, recruitment and leadership development.

To achieve this we fostered relationships with journalists in the local media, including Media Wales and BBC Wales, establishing Siân as the go-to expert for recruitment and related issues.

This led to a number of thought leadership opportunities, including essays in the Western Mail and appearances on BBC Radio Wales.

We also secured thought leadership pieces for Siân in leading trade publications, including Changeboard, Recruitment Agency Now, The Global Recruiter, HR Director and Recruitment Buzz.

Siân is now recognised as a thought leader in her field and is regularly called on to provide expert comment and analysis in various news media.

Safer Wales 

Bernie Terry Barbara

Safer Wales works to support, protect and empower vulnerable groups, particularly victims of abuse.

We have been working with the charity since 2014 to help boost its profile, communicate its vital work and position the senior team as thought leaders within the charity sector in Wales.

We secured thought leadership opportunities for Barbara Natasegara, CEO of Safer Wales for nearly 20 years, in print publications such as the Western Mail and Third Sector magazine and in broadcast media including BBC Radio Wales and BBC Wales Today.

These have included a combination of essays, opinion pieces, letters to editors, interviews and profile pieces.

Most recently, Bernie Bowen-Thomson has been named as Co-CEO of the charity as part of a unique job share.

We have since secured TV interviews for Bernie on BBC Wales Today and leading opinion essays in the Western Mail. 


If you want to become an influential thought leader in your field, Brighter Comms can help. Contact us to find out how.