Measurement & ROI

We know our clients need to measure the impact of their communications and PR activity.

So we offer the brightest measurement and evaluation procedures.

In the past, many organisations measured their PR effort with Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs) – or didn’t measure it at all. The most clued-up PR agencies have since moved away from AVEs, towards more sophisticated and strategic measurement practices.In 2010, PR practitioners from 33 countries gathered in Barcelona and agreed on seven principles of measurement, including the abolishment of the use of AVEs. At Brighter Comms we adhere to these principles and help clients understand what they mean in practice. So what are the Barcelona principles?

In summary they are all about:

• Setting measurable goals
• Measuring the effect on outcomes being preferable to measuring outputs
• Measuring the effect on business results where possible
• Looking at the quality of media coverage as well as quantity
• Rejecting AVEs as a measurement of the value of public relations
• Measuring social media activity
• The importance of transparency and replicability to sound measurement

We help clients achieve the brightest results, and help them report back internally on the impact of their PR and communications activity. For more information please contact us.