Meet:Market 3: PR & SEO in 2017 – Where’s the line?

SEO and PR are different disciplines, right?

Well, yes. But in 2017, if you’re not integrating these disciplines then you’re wasting budget, expertise and risking damaging your brand. 

Your website’s authority, advocacy, links and signals has never been more important to business success.

Online channels are evolving so quickly that brands must adapt their communications efforts to attract and engage audiences online.

Search engines, social networks, media publishers and brands have become increasingly interlinked, meaning PR and SEO teams should no longer be working in isolation of each other.

This presentation explores how the two disciplines of PR and SEO should be entirely integrated if brands want to maximise budgets, creativity and expertise and achieve their business goals. 

This presentation was delivered by Managing Director Sara Robinson at the Meet:Market 3 event on Thursday 26th October 2017.