Bethan Lewis

Communications Director

With more than a decade’s experience in public relations, Bethan has devised and implemented PR and social media campaigns for clients across a wide range of sectors, including Brecon Carreg, B&Q, Subway, Igloo Regeneration and Pro Steel Engineering.

Bethan takes a strategic lead in client campaigns, and is passionate about helping organisations achieve their most ambitious goals through brighter communication. 

She also delivers a number of our Brighter Academy workshops, including media training, strategic communication and social media training.

In the Spotlight


For breaking news, nothing is more instant and invaluable than Twitter


My good friend @KirstieMccrum always puts a smile on my face with her Twitter chat


Going to University in America was an amazing experience and playing tennis for the uni team meant I got to travel the length and breadth of the country – I even got to visit Mountain Lake, the location where Dirty Dancing was filmed


I honeymooned in Marbella and it was just stunning but my life goal is to visit Australia and New Zealand


My friends will agree that I LOVE food…all food! My favourite thing in the world is Banoffee pie


Prosecco or a nice cup of tea (with milk and sugar!)


I’m a sporty person and can regularly be found down at Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club


Catching up with family and friends over a bottle of Merlot after a Sunday roast

Social media:

Facebook for keeping in touch with friends across the world and Pinterest for home and fashion inspiration


“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

Bright spot:

I can say that I have played at the Wimbledon Championships…..during an exhibition when I was 8 years old!