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Darren Evans

Head of Content

Darren is responsible for ensuring that all of our written work meets the highest journalistic standards.

He is a skilled communicator with a particular passion for writing and crafting engaging and compelling content, and he specialises in securing national, trade and international coverage for clients. 

A former Times Educational Supplement journalist, Darren is famed for his eagle eye for a great news angle and for his attention to detail.

In the Spotlight


I try to read news from as many sources as possible, even those I don’t particularly like or agree with. Twitter is invaluable for breaking news, while the Guardian has some excellent commentators.


@OwenJones84, @RichardDawkins and @rickygervais are always interesting, though for very different reasons.


Professionally: graduating and getting my first job in journalism. Personally: becoming a dad.


Honeymooning in New York was incredible – a week-long whirlwind of sightseeing in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Closer to home I love spending time exploring Cardiff’s beautiful parks.


Italian, Spanish, Mexican and French are my favourites, but I love trying any new food and I enjoy cooking simple dishes at home. The huge hoagies at Cardiff’s New York Deli are my guilty pleasure.


My drinking days are behind me, but I’m still partial to a pint of Brains or a glass of merlot now and then. As for soft drinks, I am slightly obsessed with root beer.


My daughters keep me busy (and happy), but in my free time I enjoy walking, reading, and watching movies. I also support Cardiff City.


A big family Sunday roast followed by a walk around Roath Park with my wife Alex and our daughters Lily and Maisie.

Social media:

Twitter for breaking news and instant reaction, Facebook for connecting with friends and occasionally having a bit of a rant.


My science teacher Mr Everson always used to say “If it is to be it is up to me”, and that has stuck with me. It is also composed entirely of two-letter words, which makes it linguistically interesting.

Bright spot:

Journalism has allowed me to meet and interview some incredible people, including celebrities, politicians and sports stars. I was the last journalist to interview Welsh football legend John Charles before he died.