John Jackson

Marketing consultant

With over 20 years of experience, marketing consultant John delivers innovation strategies, blueprints for the future, missions, visions and business transformation. In addition, he specialises in visualising new ways of working and living, and in developing brands to their full potential.

John blends his analytical and creative skills to provide clients with forward-thinking concepts to help them achieve lasting results. He has delivered transformational change in the public, private and charity sectors, and can be relied upon to identify new approaches that generate positive results.

In the Spotlight


Thankfully my home only receives one TV channel, and that’s a great way to stop me getting lost in the world of excessive choice. Also, I’ve never got obsessed with the churn of content across Social Media, of course I stay on top of the news from quality sources in my Twitter feed. I have no radio loyalty and am continually changing stations. However, my media highlight of the week is reading the Guardian on a Saturday morning whilst enjoying a cooked breakfast and lots of coffee.


@dezeen consistently delivers something interesting from the world of design, architecture and fashion.


It has to be flying around New York in a helicopter when I was nine. This was truly breathtaking.


For me it has to be Copenhagen, as it is beautifully walkable, and it’s a city where I always discover something new. It holds many happy memories for me and I will return. Although I am truly urban, you’ll find me at my most relaxed by the sea, so any quiet beach with an inviting sea has the potential to be one of my favourite places.


I’m no foodie and would happily live on ham, cheese and bread. So I guess that’s a ham and cheese toastie!


All things concrete, more specifically Brutalist architecture. When time allows I enjoy heading to a new city to seek out its concrete jungle.


If I’m not with clients, mornings tend to see me out early, usually for meetings. So afternoons tend to be when I do the practical stuff, in particular writing.

Social media:

The usual LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Although for me, all platforms, in part due to the overuse of algorithms, are becoming less social and ultimately less engaging.


“To err is human, to forgive divine” Alexander Pope

Bright spot:

Having to spend a whole day going up and down the BT Tower for work. Being able to experience this Brutalist icon in this way was amazing, and included revolving at the top of the tower as dusk came down and the whole city light-up in front of me.