Nyree Hughes

Communications Consultant

Nyree has over 14 years’ experience working in-house and at agency level, developing and executing strategic communications campaigns.

She has worked across a broad range clients based in the UK, Europe and the US in sectors including tech, energy, building and construction, charity, health, and transport.

Nyree likes to bring a creative approach and achieving an MA in Design has helped cement her creative approach to briefs.

In the Spotlight


It’a all about voice for me. I love the radio and am addicted to podcasts. All time radio favourites are the Today programme and Woman’s Hour I get my hit of current affairs and hot topics throughout the morning whether I’m at the breakfast table or in the car. I also love the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show. My favourite podcast at the moment are, Reasons to be Cheerful, Political Thinking, The Poetry Exchange and Inside Science. It was so hard getting that list down as there are so many more!


Has to be @wallpapermag for an inspiring design hit and @verybritishproblems for a titter.


I went back to school after 10+ years to complete an MA. It was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done and would encourage everyone to hit the books later in life.


France. I love it. All of it.


I love to cook and find new recipes, but I’m a bit of a rengade in the kitchen and like to go off-piste!


Always a Yorkshire Tea. Sometimes a glass of Barolo.


My kids have infiltrated most of my time, so when I’m not in the park, covered in paint or play-doh, I like to swim and find a bit of zen with my yoga practice.


A quiet afternoon is rare, so it would have to be a trip to the spa.

Social Media:

Instagram. I’ve curated my content so much that all I see is beautiful clothes, soft furnishings, beaches and kitchens (what a loser).

Bright spot:

Highs include working on a lovely community art exhibition in the award winning Whitworth Gallery in Manchester, and in the same week I ironed the shirts of a rather high-profile singer pre-event. Never a dull moment.