Paul McManus


Paul has over 17 years of experience working in Financial PR & Investor Relations for growing companies listed on, or seeking a listing, on the London Stock Exchange. Paul founded Walbrook PR, our partner agency, in April 2009.

Paul works for a wide variety of AIM-listed companies, heads up a busy life sciences team and provides consultancy services to Brighter Comms in this sector.

Paul has an MA in Theology from Oxford University and before starting a career in City & Corporate PR was an English voice presenter for Radio Vaticana in Rome.

In the Spotlight


For work it’s the business pages of the national newspapers (even the Sun has a City page) and investment titles like Investors Chronicle and Shares (and associated websites). For pleasure, and a counterbalance to the City, it’s the Guardian and the Western Mail … and even a bit of Magic FM.


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A tough call between the birth of my two children or watching Wales beat England 30-3 at the Millennium Stadium in 2013 – to be fair the children have brought more consistent joy over the years!


The places of my life: Cardiff, Oxford, Rome, London and the annual family trip across the other side of the planet to The Land of the Long White Cloud.


Spagetti alle vongole or Japanese.


Gin (with or without tonic, or in a Negroni), good red wine, maybe even an Aperol Spritz.


Most of my free time is spent celebrating family life. If I’m up before the kids I’ll exercise and if I don’t fall asleep before them I’ll read or relax with my wife.


Tiring out the kids with swimming, bike rides and dashing about the local parks and playgrounds to ensure an early bedtime for them and a quiet and relaxing evening at home!

Social media:

I prefer to do my socialising the old school way – but can handle myself on Twitter and Facebook.


“Rugby is a wonderful show: dance, opera and, suddenly, the blood of a killing” - Richard Burton.

Bright Spot:

Being the first, and possibly the last, person to play Jimi Hendrix on Vatican Radio.


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