Rebecca Ellis Owen

Associate Consultant

Rebecca is a senior director with over 20 years’ leadership experience working at a strategic board level in developing, communicating, executing and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives.

She has worked across a diverse range of sectors including health, financial services, retail, engineering, travel and tourism, technology, the arts and the third sector.

Rebecca loves a challenge, and has proven ability in navigating complex and multi-disciplined projects through effective leadership.

She is a highly motivated and a creative thinker, with a track record of approaching briefs with bright and exciting ideas.

In the Spotlight


I’m a big supporter of Radio, it fits into my busy life on the run, and always gives you a balanced view of the debate or breaking story. BBC Radio 5 Live in the car or on the go, BBC Radio 1 for the school run and BBC Radio 2 for the pop hits from my student years!


@Lemontwittor for his humorous take on life. A laugh is worth a trillion frowns!


I travelled the world for 18 months, and the experience shaped my motto for the rest of my life. Life is all about experiences, some good, some brilliant, some not so fabulous, but it opened my eyes so many different cultures and people, which can only enrich your life.


South Africa, for its diverse richness and beautiful animals, and Jamaica. I had the fortune of working for the Jamaica Tourist Board and managed to travel to each corner of the island, what a fabulous hot bed of cultural richness and colour.


Cosmopolitan or a cold glass of Sancerre.


I am a huge animal lover, you will generally find me deep in mud walking the dog, or mucking out the horses, Oh, and a bit of Pilates if I have a minute!


Probably involved in some type of kid’s activity, dancing around the kitchen, or playing Squash… with the kids!

Social media:

Facebook for keeping up with friends and family, LinkedIn for staying in touch with old work colleagues and Pinterest, which fuels my obsession for interior design.


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Bright spot:

I used to be a radio presenter on a small independent radio station in Surrey. The Welsh accent went down a treat!!