17.10.2013 One work-out closer to her LBD

Hours away from slipping into her little black number Becky tells us why she’s dodging the Cake @ HQ this week.

I hit the gym hard last night. I was taking no prisoners. First up the cross-trainer for ten minutes, then a sweaty slide onto the up-right bike for twenty, whilst watching Dinner Date. (Why oh why are food programmes always on in the gym?!). So no-one wants bingo wings at Cardiff’s answer to the Oscars, do they? So it was several weights to work my legs and arms, finishing with crunches and leg raises. By now I’m aching just a leetle bit… Managed to crawl to the car regardless and it was homewards to the dinner of short listed award winning champs.

I’ve been eating lots of avocado, because it’s awesome (mainly) and its an immense source of good, healthy fats. Avocado will also give me super powers before PRide, right?

See you on the d-floor – hopefully my legs will have stopped aching by then!