14.02.2017 Our four favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns
  Love is in the air and marketers are taking advantage of it. With no excuse needed for brands to capitalise on a national holiday, St Valentine’s Day offers another opportunity for big and small brands to boost sales. We’ve put our heads together in the office, and come up with our favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns from some of the bigger names. If you have any to add, tweet us @BrighterComms.   Netflix – Binge for love
shutterstock_427751665Credit: Diabluses/ Shutterstock, Inc.
Last year the popular streaming service took the ‘Netflix and chill’ concept one step further in its ‘Binge for love’ campaign. The advert shows a young man attempting to win over a prospective partner by binge watching, and becoming an expert in, her favourite series, Orange Is The New Black. Set to a reworked version of the Proclaimers’ ‘I’m Gonna Be’, the lyric ‘500 miles’ is cleverly replaced with ‘500 hours’ – although according to our research, OITNB has much less than 500 hours worth of content. The campaign successfully links every millennial’s favourite way to spend their free time with finding that one true love. With research suggesting binge watching could be good for you and your partner, they could be on to a winner.   Tiffany & Co – Drop a hint
shutterstock_521339635Credit: AlesiaKan/Shutterstock. Inc.
Way back in 2012, Tiffany & Co, the jewellery brand famous for its little blue boxes, launched its ‘Drop a hint’ email campaign. While a slightly older campaign, we love it because it provides a solution to a problem that all of us have experienced – dropping hints for our partners and having them fall on deaf ears. The direct mail feature allows shoppers to send a (not so subtle) hint to unsuspecting partners via a button on the product pages of the website. Simple but incredibly effective, this email campaign played on the well-known cliché that many partners are in need of some gentle encouragement when it comes to gifts on Valentine’s Day. It also targeted the consumer at the point of a purchasing decision, which can prove much more effective than blanket marketing. If you’re interested in hearing more about how your business can benefit from a targeted marketing campaign, take a look at our digital services.     Interflora – The ultimate proposal shutterstock_486162265 Interflora started planning early for this year’s Valentine’s Day campaign. Last December, the flower delivery service invited people from across the UK to share their dream for the ultimate proposal. Four ideas were shortlisted and put to a public vote to find the winning proposal, which was then filmed and put out on social media. We enjoyed this campaign because it capitalised on the growing trend of extravagant proposals and got a wider audience involved through the vote to find a winner. It also shows that high production costs aren’t needed to make a video that will have a big impact. Some cheeky tactical product placement in the final video also kept Interflora’s products at the forefront of the campaign.   NHS – Kidney Shaped Love Perhaps our favourite campaign of the year (so far), the NHS has used humour and a popular celebration centred on giving to tackle a tricky subject matter. Its Kidney Shaped Love organ donation campaign aims to encourage people to consider kidney donation using a playful song penned and performed by the comedian Alex Smith. The video got a laugh from all of us in the office, and successfully got us thinking about what we can donate to people while still alive. This isn’t the first time the organisation has used this approach to encourage conversation around organ donation. Last year’s Better Left Unsaid campaign which employed a similar approach achieved fantastic results, with just under one million views on the video in the first week. Most importantly, the NHS also received twice the number of registrations, week for week, than the previous year. For more campaigns we love, check out our regular PR Bright Spot series.