27.06.2013 Our top five places to catch during an away-day at Cardiff City

With the football fixtures now out for the 2013-14 season, supporters are already eyeing up the new top-flight clubs and what delights their cities have to offer. Here we suggest our top five attractions to visit in Cardiff for a perfect ‘away day’ in our fair capital.

Out of the three clubs to enter the Premier League next season, Cardiff City is the only one making its debut in football’s elite competition.

With television coverage of the league broadcast all over the world, there aren’t many bigger public relations or economic opportunities for the city.

We’ve already seen the success that Premier League football has meant for Swansea, with an estimated £58 million generated for the Welsh economy and over 300 jobs created in the city since the team’s promotion.

As a busy communications and social media agency located in the heart of Cardiff Bay, we love the city we call home. And we are excited about getting to show it off to many thousands of new visitors.

 We think football away days are so much more rewarding if you can squeeze in a visit to a local attraction, or sample something unique your destination has to offer.

Here we suggest our top five ‘must trys‘ for anybody making the trip to Cardiff for the first time this season…

Clark’s Pies

Clark's Pies

A trip to the city isn’t complete without a “Clarksy”. Renowned for their thick, delicious meat filling encased in thick pastry, Clark’s Pies have been filling hungry bellies in the capital for more than half a century. They’re the staple diet of football supporters at half-time at Cardiff City Stadium, and their name is regularly used to demonstrate the hard “a” sound in the distinctive “Kairdiff” accent. The pies have even spawned a variety of methods of consumption to avoid burning mouths or wrists.

Without a foil tray to protect from heat and any stray drips, the key is to eat them with the end pointing up, munching slowly from the top down. Take care to eat slowly, slurping up the gravy as you go down, and beware of the crumbling pastry. Get it wrong, and you’ll boast a lovely throbbing red burn mark all down your chin – a sure sign of a tourist to Cardiffians, who have the technique down to a tee.

There’ll be a chance to sample the pies at the football, but if you have time, wander down to nearby Grangetown to visit the Bromsgrove Street shop where you can pick up a pie, pasty or a piece of memorabilia to remind you of your first taste of the savoury snack that is such a part of our civic PIE-dentity (groan). 

The City Arms

City Arms Cardiff

Located right in the heart of Cardiff, this pub is a beer lover’s paradise. It’s an oasis of individuality in a desert of bland chain pubs.Its beers come from all over the world, with a range of ales from Welsh micro-brewers as well as the legendary Brains brewery. We love the atmosphere on a match day; it’s a perfect warm-up venue, has a great jukebox and is within walking distance from the ground. What’s not to love?

Spillers Records 

For music lovers, Spillers Records is the one of the jewels of Cardiff’s victorian arcades, and one of the oldest record shops in the world. From the newest releases, to the rarest gems, their friendly team of specialist staff will help you find a new musical treat to take home with you. A diverse selection of CDs and good old fashioned vinyl are on offer, as well as t-shirts, babygros, reusable shopping bags and even a Spillers branded vinyl turntable (although you might struggle to get that to the ground if you’re walking…)

Spillers Records







Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

For travelling families, Cardiff’s Castle is certainly a winner, with something to offer all ages and interests. Whether it’s taking afternoon tea at the delightfully quaint Pettigrew Tea Rooms, and watching the world go by, or simply exploring the extensive and beautiful castle grounds, be sure to stop off and enjoy one of our city’s best attractions. And don’t miss the Animal Wall – a sculptured wall depicting different animals on the outside of castle, which dates back to 1890.

National Museum Wales

Adding a touch of culture to your weekend in Wales’ capital couldn’t be easier. Just a stone’s throw away from Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, the free-entry museum offers something for everybody, from life-size sharks and walruses to a selection of paintings by Claude Monet.










If you have any suggestions, or places you think we might have missed, let us know.