07.10.2016 PR Bright Spot: Addict Aide

What is it?

A French Instagram account appeared in August and quickly accumulated 50,000 followers. Louise Delage appeared to be a glamorous lifestyle blogger but was in fact a construct created to raise awareness of hidden alcoholism.

ldPhoto: Instagram

In her Instagram posts Louise, a cheerful, chic Parisian, portrays a lavish lifestyle that included boat trips, parties, eating delicious food and hanging out at the beach or pool. However, each of her 150 photos also includes an alcoholic drink, a glass or a bottle either in Louise’s hand or positioned somewhere in shot.

The 25-year-old model was hired by Parisian ad agency BETC to be part of Addict Aide’s ‘Like My Addiction’ campaign, created to outline how alcoholism can be easily missed. BETC president and creative director Stéphane Xiberras Paris said: “ We thought an interesting way of showing the difficulty of detecting addiction was to create a person people would meet every day but whom we’d never suspect of being an addict”.

What was the effect?

Since the identity of Louise Delage was revealed in a Youtube video, it has already gained almost a quarter of a million views and Addict Aide have received more than five times more traffic to their website.

The increased traffic can be attributed to the widespread international coverage the campaign has attracted, adding to the original high exposure in French media. There has been notable coverage by Fox News, The Mirror and The Daily Mail, to name a few.

Why we liked it

We think the campaign is a really effective example of using social media in a clever and creative way to send out an important message. The campaign subverts our expectation of social media as users are led to believe they are following a glamorous woman’s extravagant and happy lifestyle. However, her social media account is in fact being used to make a very serious point. The truly chilling subtext is that users could have friends and loved ones who construct an image of an ideal life, when in reality they might be hiding a problem like alcoholism.