16.06.2016 PR Bright Spot: Bodyform

 What is it? 

A video advert by feminine hygiene product company Bodyform showing a series of women getting bloody while taking part in a number of tough sports and activities, including boxing, ballet and rugby.

Most tampon and pad adverts demonstrate the absorbency of their product using blue liquid, but here the message is clear: women bleed, and their blood is red.

The video, ‘Blood’ is part of a larger campaign called Red.fit, whose strapline is: “No blood should hold us back – and periods shouldn’t stop us from keeping fit.”


What was the effect?

The advert has won praise from women on social media for helping to break taboos and for more realistically representing periods.

Teen Vogue described it as: “The most empowering pad commercial we’ve ever seen.”


Why we liked it

We liked the way Bodyform wasn’t afraid to point out the (bleeding) obvious. Brands should take risks and Bodyform has done so in an eye-catching and empowering way. This breaks the mould of tampon and pad adverts in so many ways, but we especially liked that it depicted real women enduring real challenges rather than glamorous women simply promoting a product.