28.07.2016 PR Bright Spot: Gumtree


What is it?

Following the news that David Cameron was resigning as UK Prime Minister, the free classified ad site Gumtree launched a cheeky campaign marking his departure from 10 Downing Street.

Adverts featured on the network of digital screens throughout the London Underground with the tagline: ‘Don’t Worry David. Find thousands of properties on the Gumtree app’.

What was the effect?

The use of the London Underground digital screens ensured the Gumtree campaign a wide degree of visibility with the general public and commuters.

The campaign has also been praised in marketing and communications magazines.

Why we liked it

The quick turnaround of the campaign capitalised on a topical event in a way Londoners could relate to, demonstrating the need to be on the ball in the communications and advertising world.

The humorous nature of the ads had a wide appeal and offered a moment of levity in a period of political tension.