06.06.2016 PR Bright Spot Kwik Fit

What is it? 

A stunt by car repair firm Kwik Fit to promote a quirky press release about some of the strange items its technicians have found in cars.

One of these was a young girl’s pet hamster, called Jaffa, which was trapped behind the glove box. The story of Jaffa’s rescue had already been turned into a TV advert for Kwik Fit, and its success prompted the company to follow it up.

So it created a 6-foot tall motorised hamster and took him on a tour of London landmarks. A video showed the reactions of bewildered passers-by to the giant ‘hamster-mobile’.



What was the effect?

The stunt itself was covered in the national media and speculated about on social media, and the press release gained wide coverage, led by images of the stunt.


Why we liked it

Brands often try to promote their products or services by issuing quirky press releases based on research, surveys or statistics, but they can struggle to gain interest or attention.

Kwik Fit’s eye-catching stunt ensured it had strong images and a video to boost its chances of getting coverage.