19.10.2016 PR Bright Spot: Lucozade Sport



What is it?

Lucozade Sport surprised unsuspecting commuters with spontaneous live fitness sessions at the first ever get-fit bus shelter in Manchester.

The interactive workouts conducted by an instructor were livestreamed to an advertising screen. The stunt is part of Lucozade’s wider campaign ‘Made to move’, which aims to get a million people moving more by 2020.

A video shows people taking part in a range of exercises including Zumba and Boxercise, who are then rewarded with a free Lucozade drink.

The ‘wait training’ campaign was produced by creative agency Grey London, whose creative director Dominic Goldman said: “We’ve created a nice bit of fun to get unsuspecting people moving when they’d typically be sitting down waiting for a bus, to then sit down again on a bus later”.  

What was the effect?

The campaign has been covered by influential marketing publications including The Drum, Event Magazine and Campaign.  

Why we liked it

It was a simple yet effective stunt that drew attention to a campaign with serious aims (i.e. increased fitness) in a lighthearted way. (We particularly liked the ‘wait training’ play on words.) We also liked the idea that the potential of truly interactive advertising, and by extension PR, being explored through livestreaming technology.