20.05.2016 PR Bright Spot: Oasis

Welcome to the latest in our new regular blog series, in which we highlight our PR Bright Spots. These are the PR campaigns we love; those that have made an impact, made us laugh or changed the way we think. This week it’s Oasis


What is it? 


A multimedia advertising campaign by Oasis designed to appeal to a new generation of customers. Using the phrase ‘O Refreshing Stuff’, the campaign targeted teens by illustrating some of the absurdities of everyday life using “refreshingly honest” language.

For example, an advert at bus stops said “Please don’t stand in the way of this advert, it cost a lot of money”, while a TV commercial asked if you would be more likely to buy the product if “we showed your favourite celeb drinking it?”.

Oasis brand manager Natalie Whitehead-Farr said: “Through the campaign we want to poke a bit of fun at modern day life and put the honest Oasis lens to the world around us.”


What was the effect?

The campaign received coverage in a number of industry publications, including The Drum, and was widely shared and liked on social media platforms.


Why we liked it

We loved its honest, blunt and no-frills approach that defied traditional advertising conventions and let the product speak for itself. We thought it effectively engaged the audience it targeted.