09.05.2016 PR Bright Spot: Tandem Bank

Welcome to the first in our new regular blog series, in which we highlight our PR Bright Spots. These are the PR campaigns we love; those that have made an impact, made us laugh or changed the way we think. This week it’s Tandem Bank.

What is it?

A prank video from Tandem, which brands itself as “a new kind of bank”, asking what would happen if your favourite pub started acting like a High Street bank? 

The video, set in a London pub and filmed with undercover cameras, aims to highlight the importance of good customer service by transplanting the sort of bad service bank customers might experience to the pub environment.

So, customers are given serving numbers, put ‘on hold’, charged additional fees for no apparent reason and asked to take a satisfaction survey when they leave.

The pub customers, who were apparently not in on the joke, reacted angrily to the “terrible service” they received and some said they would probably never return.


What was the effect? 

The video has more than 129,000 views on YouTube and received coverage in Metro, City AM and The Drum.


Why we liked it

It is engaging, intriguing and makes a serious point in a humorous way, as summed up in the final tagline: “You wouldn’t stand for this at your pub. Why stand for this at your bank?” We think it would be effective at encouraging disaffected customers to switch their current accounts.