24.11.2016 PR Bright Spot: The Lidl Social Price Drop

What is it?

The Lidl Social Price Drop is a campaign run by discount supermarket Lidl UK giving customers the chance to reduce the price of its products for Christmas.

Using the hashtag #LidlSurprises, customers can drive down the price of selected items in Lidl’s Christmas range by talking about them on Twitter.

Each week, for four weeks, a new Christmas product will be the focus of the campaign and Twitter users have the Monday and Tuesday of each week to drive the price down, which will be capped at half price.

The more a product is discussed, the lower the price will drop. Each Saturday the product at the lowered price will be available for purchase with a sticker highlighting the socially driven price cut. The campaign kicked off with lobster, with customers successful in driving the price down to just £2.99, followed by Serrano ham.  


What was the effect?

The campaign has received coverage in national publications, including The Sun and The Mirror, as well as specialist retail and marketing publications, including The Grocer and Marketing Week. It has been widely praised as a “social first”. The campaign has also received celebrity endorsement and the hashtag has been retweeted thousands of times.  


Why we liked it

Retail and hospitality experts Omnico recently claimed that 96 per cent of consumers say retailers don’t know what they want. Lidl UK is changing this by truly engaging with its customers and valuing their feedback. 

We think the campaign is a clever and fresh way of communicating with customers. It is an exciting campaign that uses social media to benefit Lidl’s reputation and attractiveness as a retailer, as well as boosting consumer satisfaction.