11.07.2016 PR Bright Spot: Tiny Rebel


What is it?

Following Budweiser’s offer to give everyone in Wales a free beer ahead of the Portugal vs. Wales semi-final match at Euro 2016, Newport-based brewery Tiny Rebel replied with its cheeky “no thanks bud” campaign.

Tiny Rebel criticised Budweiser for having nothing to do with the national success, saying “it’s an American brand with a German name brewed worldwide by AB Inbev”. (Though Budweiser later pointed out much of its UK product is brewed in Magor.)

The brewery declared a ‘Bud amnesty’, offering to trade the free Budweisers (or vouchers) for their own Welsh Lager Bo’Ho.


What was the effect?

The advert received praise on social media for being “bold and patriotic”, as well as widespread media coverage.


Why we liked it

The same-day response was the main reason the idea was so successful as it was fresh and relevant, which demonstrates the importance of being on the ball in the PR world. We liked how the brewery took a brave move by reacting so quickly on a day of national pride without much planning. The use of humour made the whole idea light-hearted and sparked some playful rivalry.