13.05.2016 PR Bright Spot: Williams and UHW

Welcome to the latest in our new regular blog series, in which we highlight our PR Bright Spots. These are the PR campaigns we love; those that have made an impact, made us laugh or changed the way we think. This week it’s Williams and the University Hospital Wales.

What is it?

A video explaining how a neonatal team from the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff took speed technique tips from the Williams Formula 1 pit-stop team.

Though this is not a partnership you would expect, the video shows the similar time pressures between a team changing tyres during a race, in which cars can reach over 200mph, and a team of doctors during the resuscitation process of newborn babies.

The video focuses on the key changes the neonatal team has made since spending time with the Formula 1 team. This includes getting rid of excess equipment from trolleys, making use of floor maps and even creating hand signals to make the resuscitation process quicker and more streamlined to maximise the recovery of newborn babies when every second counts.


What was the effect?

The video has received coverage on BBC, Sky News, Telegraph Online, WalesOnline, Mirror and Daily Mail websites.


Why we liked it

It is a really unusual campaign and particularly clever in its execution. The video exemplifies how important it is that businesses and individuals look externally to share experiences and knowledge with others who could benefit. In our opinion the story gained extra coverage because of the video; had it only used still images it wouldn’t have had even half of the impact. Watch this space for other brands creating similar scenario-based videos.