Crisis communications


As a business your reputation is essential to your survival; without the trust and confidence of your customers and stakeholders, you won’t succeed.

In today’s multi-media society a crisis situation can hit an organisation suddenly and without warning, with the potential to cause significant disruption and reputational damage.

No one likes to think about a crisis but the truth is every organisation is vulnerable so planning and preparation are vital. The days of lying low and hoping a crisis will pass quietly are long gone – social media has amplified the noise and the risk and a failure to communicate will only prolong the crisis. Our PR professionals are experts at crisis management and can help your business prepare for any eventuality. We can:

  • Help you draft a comprehensive crisis communications strategy that will allow you to anticipate crises before they happen, to assess the situation rationally and to react appropriately.
  • Help you identify the best people within your organisation to respond when a crisis happens.
  • Offer training in how to react and what to say.

For more information read our blog on five things you need to know about crisis communications. To learn more about how we can help in a crisis contact us now.