Content marketing


Twenty years ago Bill Gates famously declared “content is king”, and like many of the tech mogul’s predictions he has been proved right; today, content drives the internet.

With consumers becoming savvier about when they are being ‘sold to’, content marketing is rapidly replacing traditional marketing as an effective way for businesses to reach and engage their target audiences.

In fact, according to, content marketing is 62 per cent cheaper and generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing. Content marketing allows businesses to provide genuinely interesting, relevant and useful content to their customers; content that helps, informs or inspires. The best content not only increases brand awareness but also improves brand loyalty.

At Brighter Comms, our talented team of PR professionals and former journalists are experts at content creation, whether it’s written, video, social media or visual. We can help you create well-designed and engaging content to generate interest and excitement in your business. We can also distribute that content through the channels that will reach your target audience.

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