Internal communications


According to Gallup, the world has an “employee engagement crisis”, with long-lasting repercussions for the world economy.

In its State of the Global Workplace report, the firm found that just 13 per cent of employees worldwide feel engaged.

The key to employee engagement is effective internal communication, but in the daily hustle and bustle of running a business that can often be overlooked. After all, if you are not talking to your employees, keeping them updated with all the important decisions you make and the issues affecting the business, you are essentially sidelining one of your most important assets.

We’re not just experts at effective business communication; we can help you improve your internal channels too. We can conduct an audit of all your communications channels to find out which will work best for you. We can provide training to ensure you know how to communicate with your employees, and we can offer you the tools to do so effectively, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of your efforts.

Whether it’s drafting content for your staff intranet, introducing new software to engage remote workers or producing a staff newsletter, our brighter strategies can ensure your employees are never left in the dark.

To find out how we can keep your internal communications channels running smoothly, contact us now.