Public relations


Forget the buzzwords, the jargon and the spin; at its core, public relations is about storytelling.

As an organisation you will have many stories to tell, about your business, your services, your customers, your staff. What you need is someone to help you find those stories, craft them and then make sure as many people hear about them as possible.
That’s where we come in. As a team of PR professionals and former journalists with decades of combined experience, we at Brighter Comms are skilled storytellers.
  • We can help your target audience understand what you do and what makes you different from your competitors.
  • We can raise awareness of your brand, boost your reputation and ultimately bring you new opportunities.
But before you can tell the world your stories you need to make the world listen, and the key to that is building successful relationships. Thankfully, we can help there too. Whether it’s new customers, potential partners or investors, journalists, stakeholders or other influencers, we’re experts at making the connections you need.
We know the right people to speak to and the right channels to use to get the right result for you. So whether you want to make a splash in the regional or national press, appear regularly in the biggest trade titles or news sites in your sector or raise your profile using broadcast media, we can make it happen.
Communications methods are evolving quickly, and your public relations activity must reflect that. That’s why you need outstanding results from an outstanding team. We understand what the media needs and how to deliver it.
Our public relations services reflect the latest thinking and practice, covering everything from traditional media relations to online methods, including all social media channels. As well as telling your stories to your audiences, we can help you use advanced online methods including search engine optimisation [link to SEO page] to bring your audiences to you.
Based in Cardiff and London, we work with clients all over the UK.
So if you want the brightest possible public relations contact us now, and let us light up your PR efforts.