Boosting sales of Brecon Carreg’s Kids’ Pack


A PR campaign to raise awareness of Brecon Carreg’s Kids’ Pack product and drive sales. Brecon Carreg is Wales’ leading mineral water brand, with 19 per cent market share. Its Kids’ Pack is designed to appeal to children, with fun activities, colourful packaging and a 300ml bottle. It is stocked by Tesco in Wales and the borders and by Ocado.
Brighter Comms was asked to design a campaign to increase awareness and sales of the Kids’ Pack. The target was to boost sales by 50 per cent in Q1 2016 compared to Q1 2015.


Brecon Carreg’s 2015 sales figures, and industry statistics, showed bottles targeted towards children have two demographics: the consumer (children aged 5-11) and the buyer (parents aged 30 – 55, ABC1 with disposable income).
Brighter Comms developed a dual-strand strategy to engage both demographics.
As part of the insight campaign we held a series of events to engage children and parents to gain insights into consumer preferences, including a focus group with a local primary school.
The insights informed the awareness campaign, called #BCApprentice, in which we invited children under 12 to enter a competition to create designs to feature on the Brecon Carreg Kids’ Pack labels. These new labels would then be produced in September, to coincide with the new school year.


  • The competition boosted sales of Kids’ Packs by 107%. It is now ranked 10th most valuable product to Brecon Carreg, compared to 18th in 2015.
  • The #BCApprentice competition had 250 entries, a 150% increase on the target.
  • We achieved over 5.7m opportunities to see, including coverage on WalesOnline, South Wales Guardian and Llanelli Star.
  • We formed meaningful and long-lasting relationships with 18 bloggers and five schools across Wales, which will be developed over future campaigns.
  • The campaign was shortlisted in the Consumer Relations Campaign category at the 2016 Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Cymru Pride Awards.
“We set Brighter Comms the objective of launching our revamped kids pack with key target audiences and improving sales. With a small budget they have achieved all of our objectives and consistently gone the extra mile. The team delivered creative solutions and not only exceeded sales expectations but built positive long-lasting relationships. The invaluable market insights gained will now be used to inform future campaigns.” Jenna Bissell, Marketing Manager, Brecon Carreg