25.04.2018 Responsible Business Week: Meet The Goodwash Company

In the second of our Responsible Business Week blog posts, we’re delighted to introduce you to Mandy Powell and Kelly Davies. They are the formidable team behind The Goodwash Company, a new ethical wash and lifestyle brand, created in Wales and on a mission to change the world “one wash at a time”. We’d urge you to give their lovely products a go – we switched to their handwash at Brighter HQ last year and haven’t looked back. 

Tell us what inspired you to start the business?

We have both travelled all over the world through sport and work, and both agree there is no place like home, or the people of Wales. We wanted to create a high-end Welsh brand that promoted not only our language but the best of our land, sea and culture. A brand that not only was of the finest quality but looked good, felt good and did good at the same time.

We came up with the wash product idea as ‘washing’ is something we all do each day, and by simply choosing to ‘buy social’ you can help improve lives one wash a time.

Our Welsh nans would always tend to say before tea time or bed…. ‘Make sure you have a good wash… ’ or ‘he needs a right good wash he does…….’ and we thought it would resonate as it’s really simple and so the brand is what it is says it is!

For us it’s about driving a ‘socially conscious’ culture into the everyday. We thought “what if a shampoo could help tackle homelessness?” “what if a woof wash could help rescue abandoned dogs?” or “what if something as simple as a sports wash could be used to help tackle health problems associated with obesity?”.

What does ‘responsible business’ mean to you?

Doing the right thing, or at least trying to, in everything we do. From purchasing, to manufacturing, selling, and looking after our customers, staff and volunteers.

Goodwash is not just our name it is our philosophy. We believe in luxury experiences that are good for you and your soul. Our products are sourced from the finest natural ingredients from our land and sea. We are vehemently against animal testing and cruelty, and all profits are given to local projects that improve the lives of people and animals. 

We, quite simply, are a brand with a humble social conscience.

Why do you think responsible business is important?

We feel strongly that lots of things need to change in the world.

Every business has a responsibility to be responsible, and has the potential to drive change. Responsible business will behave ethically and contribute to local economies, supporting the workforce for both local communities and wider societies.

They say now one in four persons in Wales are living in some form of poverty. This isn’t right.

The way many animals are treated is really upsetting. We didn’t want to stand by anymore. We wanted to make ‘making a difference’ part of our everyday work and also provide opportunities for our customers to help make a difference – one wash at a time.

What are the upsides of responsible business practice, for you? 

We can tangibly see the difference Goodwash is making. Every penny of the profits go directly into our foundation and are then distributed to local projects that each of our founders personally visit. We try and demonstrate this through our blogs and social media, but to be there in person, there are no words to describe how it feels to know we are making a real difference.

Whether helping deliver employability skills to homeless people in Swansea and Cardiff via Street Football Wales, meeting puppy farming rescues or retired greyhound rescues that are now healthy and happy away from abuse, receiving the care they need,  it makes it all worthwhile.

We believe in the ethos:

‘Find something you love to do and you will never have to work a day again in your life.’

We try and source all ingredients and materials from Wales where possible but that comes with a higher price. We could get things much cheaper and potentially have more success from a cost perspective, but that isn’t what Goodwash Co is about. We want to support other local ethical businesses and sometimes that comes at a cost – but this is something we don’t wish to compromise on. Quality and supporting our local economy is one of our founding values.

ALL our products are vehemently cruelty-free and all our profits go towards improving the lives of rescue animals (and people). All our wash products are vegan certified – which we feel can only ever be seen as a good thing.

What have you done in your business that you are most proud of

All profits are given to projects that improve the lives of animal and people via the Goodwash Foundation (independently managed by the Community Foundation in Wales). Key charities supported so far include rescue dog welfare centre Hope Rescue, Llamau Homeless Helpline and Street Football Wales, with an aim to raise their first £1m within the next three years.

One of the first projects for our Goodwash Foundation was supporting Street Football Wales’ visit to the 2017 Homeless World Cup with wash bags and products. By December, we had funded 12 homeless people to attend BTEC Football Industry qualification with fellow social enterprise Vi-Ability, helping them move into employment.

We wanted to be completely transparent with our impact so our customers can see the difference they are making with each purchase. For example, 2 bottles of our Woof Wash (Sebon Ci) can provide shelter and care for one night at the rescue centre, two purchases of Sports Wash (Sebon Sydyn) can help provide sports equipment for those at risk of poverty. We are proud of the difference it has already been able to make.

We want to make as much of a difference as we can – one wash at a time, without any compromise on quality.

We also invest heavily in promoting wellness in the workplace for OUR volunteers, ambassadors and employees, We work closely with local innovative TH-INK life coaching and mentorship programme, established by inspiring triathlete, south Wales firefighter and female leader Georgina Gilbert.

What businesses do you think are doing great work when it comes to giving back? 

There are so many amazing socially conscious local businesses in Barry at the moment – there seems to be an uprising of highly successful ethical female entrepreneurs in our local town. Spectrum Brushes are awesome and have gained global success with their cruelty-free and vegan make-up brushes. Hangfire Smokehouse lead by Shauna and Sam need no introduction, and we’re also fans of Forbesfield and Cocoa Therapy.

Local coffee shops promote ‘buy local’ and ‘buy social’ business’ such as Whitmore and Jackson, Academy Expresso and Bay. Even Atlantic Way Crossfit gym promote WODs to raise money for local charities. There is a real socially conscious moment going on in Barry at the moment and we feel really proud to be a part of it.

Nationally we are fans of Toast Ale, Brew Gooder, Socks, Hey Girls and Elvis & Kresse who we’re delighted to have collaborated with.

How do you think we can inspire more businesses to give back, and the next generation of entrepreneurs to put purpose at the heart of their business?

The triple bottom line is becoming more and more recognised, and a desired quality. Conscious consumer markets are growing year on year, with shoppers moving away from faceless profit-based business and willing to pay a tad more for an ethical, local products. As more and more social enterprises demonstrate that you can buy social without compromising on quality, I think there will be a greater shift of businesses moving towards social responsibility

If larger companies can look at impact and the difference they can make by simply choosing to look for social suppliers for items such as their corporate gifts, wash care and team building events,  they can not only sleep better at night knowing they have helped change the world and improved lives with every purchase, but also tick their corporate responsibility box with a simple purchasing switch.

What exciting things are you working on at the moment?

Next week our team will be in Howells, Cardiff from Thursday 26th to the 29th April offering a pop up recycle and reuse service for our customers. For every Goodwash used bottle returned we will offer £5 off the next purchase.

Our fur founders Duffle Powell (labradoodle) and Maisy Powell (Westie) have also been invited to the store for a meet and greet on Saturday 28th to promote their vegan woof wash – we’re so excited about that!

We are encouraging customers to share their social media stories of their furry friends needing a good wash with the hashtag #needsagoodwash.

Goodwash will also be running ‘Good Veggie” local events to support National Vegetarian Work (May 14th-21st) within our local community such as a pop-up street food event at a local fire station, a Royal Wedding ‘veggie’ cream tea and a steakhouse take over for the evening!

We also will continue to work with a large Welsh University Research and Development team to continue to develop our natural product range, with all ingredients sourced from the land and sea in Wales.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the team behind The Goodwash Company have a really inspiring approach to making a difference through high-quality, ethically-sourced products.

We’re glad to be part of their army of fans – making a difference to the world one wash at a time!