14.10.2013 Stand Proud at PRide this year

We’re all gearing up for this week’s PRride Awards and there’s been much chatter about manicure and blow dry bookings – especially from Martin…

Resident Cake clean eater (there’s something really ironic about that, right?) Ruth has been chivvying along the team to make sure everyone’s feeling tip top on the inside, and not just the outside.

Fancy joining us?

On day 1 of Cake’s ‘Stand Proud at PRIDE’ here’s what Ruth’s regime looked like:

  • 1 mile run at a pace that really pushes you

  • 3 x planks for up to 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds between each effort.

Ruth’s post work out drink of choice is a gloriously detoxifying and antioxidant drenching green tea. Go get that kettle on.

So, we’re one step closer to wriggling into that little black number. Just a few more sit ups to do before tea…

Tomorrow we’ll have Becky giving her top tips for PRIDE prep.