25.10.2016 Three ways you can improve your digital marketing

Last week was full of conferences. Different members of Team Brighter headed out, armed with our signature notebooks, to soak up the latest trends, hints and tips in the world of PR and communications to be downloaded on to the rest of the team and moulded into award-winning client campaigns.


Below is a snapshot of knowledge imparted on us at the launch of the PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report in Cardiff and the Oi Conference in Bristol.

Engagement is old news

Agencies measure social media efforts using engagement as a baseline, but that’s not enough. Social media experts should be delving deeper into sentiment analysis. Most agencies dabble in this, but you can generate a much more accurate picture of what your target audience is saying about you by looking at the emotion and relationships around your brand.

Of course, sentiment analysis by words alone isn’t always 100 per cent accurate (unfortunately us Brits are very good at sarcasm) but the key to gaining better understanding could be through emoji analysis. Some very exciting software is being created that will allow us to explore this more in depth.

Step out of line

One of the most anticipated speakers at the OI event was Steven Bartlett from Social Chain, and while that particular agency’s tactics might not work for everyone there is one key lesson I think we could all learn from: don’t be afraid to step out of line.

Steven Bartlett, Social Chain

Of course this can mean different things to different people, but for the more outrageous of Social Chain’s campaigns check out the work they did with Blue Cross and Lyst, a fashion brand.

The PRCA launch taught us that Facebook is the platform that most marketers feel comfortable with, so why not experiment with Facebook Live?

Here are our top tips:

  • Let people know you will be broadcasting live from Facebook ahead of time.
  • Test the signal beforehand. If you’ve told people there will be a really exciting video, you don’t want the connection to cut out half way through.
  • Engage your viewers – if they ask questions, reply.
  • Of course, measure and evaluate the success afterwards, identify improvements and do it all over again – but better!


Step out of your client bubble

All too often as a PR agency or in-house marketing team, your key objective is to please your client or manager. There’s nothing wrong with that, after all they pay the bills, but when it comes to creating content you need to give the customer what they want.

Instead of writing about the latest product, promotion or event, think about what the customer really wants. Step into the mind of the person who you want to be reading your content. This will generate more shares, link clicks and ultimately the stats that will impress your line manager.