27.05.2014 Trending: #happiness

On Sunday my Dad took my husband and I out for lunch. We picked him up and he had the paper under his arm. My husband instantly asked “Merf, how come you’ve got The Independent today?” Five and a bit years together and many a Sunday morning round the family breakfast table means my husband is familiar that it’s only usually The Observer on offer to thumb through in between mouthfuls of poached eggs and bacon.

“Oh, I heard this segment on Andrew Marr this morning about ‘The Happy List 2014’ and I wanted to take a look.”

Suddenly here was my 70 and a bit year old Dad subscribing to an offline phenomena that has been taking the social media world by storm now for the best part of a year.

At last, it’s cool, hip and trendy to be happy! To celebrate life, yourself, the teeny tiny leetle things that bring us the upmost pleasure is more en vogue than ever before. Being miserable is just so passé. People plagued by the resting bitchface have never had it so bad.

Social media has dared users to be happy for 100 days in a row. The 100 Happy Day Challenge begs for a small pause just once a day for the snap of a photo of a little something that makes the participant happy.

Originally devised as an answer to today’s insane go-go-go culture where we find our heads all too often buried in mobile phones and tablets to stop and appreciate life’s small joys, it’s spread like a wide smile across the face of a kid at Christmas – at the time of writing, a tap of #100happydays into Google revealed ‘about 718,000 results in 0.32 seconds.

Brands are swiftly catching on to this and continue to bring not only more human but more happy touches to their communications. Soon there may be a worldwide shortage of Pantone Yellow C such are the colour pops of happiness that adorn billboards and double page spreads. There’s been no better time for brands to engage with their audiences to share and celebrate the small things alongside the consumer. It’s absolute confirmation that the move from selling the product to the experience has been well and truly been made.

So, hot on the heels of the scrabble to see who made the Sunday Times Rich List why not take some time out to peruse the 2014 Happy List. I know which one I’m gunning to be part of.

Ruth is Cake’s office manager and PA to MD Sara Robinson. Ruth regularly drinks from steamy mugs of black coffee and tumblers of fresh green juice that are always half full… Ruth shares a snapshot of her happiness over at www.instagram.com/ruthwalters83 and www.lethereatclean.com