24.03.2016 #Twitter10Years: Our top ten Twitter accounts

We’ve been marking Twitter’s tenth birthday with a series of blog posts all this week. Today we wrap up the celebrations by asking our team to list (and justify!) their all-time favourite Twitter accounts. Let us know your favourites here – we’d love to know what rocks your Twitterverse.


Sara Robinson, managing director @sararobinson81

@RAMalbumclub – A simple concept; every week a well-known person reviews a well-known album they’ve never heard. Then they write about it. A brilliantly written must-read for music lovers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.55.48

@caitlinmoran – I dream of a future where she’s Prime Minister and gets to make her socialist, feminist ‘Moranthology’ a reality. In the meantime I’ll keep being inspired and amused by her Twitter musings.

@herring1967 – One half of my favourite comedy duo, Lee and Herring. And he’s the only one on Twitter. His painstaking Twitter campaign reminding the world there IS an International Men’s Day when the inevitable moaning starts on International Women’s Day is comedy genius.

@WelshDalaiLama – Irreverent, amusing and wonderfully Welsh.

@Ilovesthediff – Capturing and celebrating all of the quirks and features that make our capital city a truly brilliant place to live.

@thedailymash – A brilliantly observed satirical news site that veers scarily close to the truth sometimes…it’s a fine line!

@BBCnews – My go-to feed for breaking news.

@arenaflowers – A masterclass in how to inject so much personality into your brand’s voice on social media that sales inevitably follow. They’ve made me laugh; I’ve bought flowers from them. Go figure.

@TheSchoolOfLife – The School of Life develops emotional intelligence through the use of culture. It shares interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking content designed to make you stop and think.

@michaelsheen – Because in an ideal world he’d co-rule the country (nay, the world) with @caitlinmoran


Darren Evans, head of content @DarrenEvansPR

@BBCNews – Essential for keeping up with the latest news and current affairs.

@WalesOnline – For all the latest Welsh news and views.

@Guardian – For news and features.

@pressgazette – As a former journalist I like to keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry.

@WilliamShatner – He captained the USS Enterprise. Enough said. (He’s also an amazingly prolific tweeter for a man of 84.)

@RealDMitchell – Because he’s funny.

@rickygervais – I love his comedy, but I love the way he deals with idiots and Twitter trolls even more.

@RichardDawkins – Public intellectual and atheist agitator who is not afraid to challenge orthodoxy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.57.33

@SimpsonsQOTD – Because a daily dose of the world’s favourite yellow family is enough to cheer anyone up.

@PoliticalAP – Photos of politicians and Alan Partridge quotes in perfect harmony.


Bethan Lewis, senior comms manager @bethanlewis86

@skysports – So I can keep up to date with what’s going on in the sporting world.

@ProblemauMerch – Because I’d like to be her friend and go to rugby international matches with her!

@EmergencyPuppy – Because some days only a picture of a cute animal will do.

 Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.09.34

@Ilovesthediff – I just can’t help but smile when I read the funny things he tweets! The ultimate tidy sense of humour.

@BBCnews – My go-to account for breaking news.

@thedrum – The place for creative jealousy and inspiration for client campaigns.

@lauramcallister – Because she is an awesome role model in both business and sport – both things I’m hugely passionate about.

@nike – Fab products, fab motivation, fab brand.

@bbcgoodfood – Food inspiration heaven with mouth-watering photography.

@wimbledon – Because it is the best sporting venue and event in the world – I particularly like the behind the scenes activity, as I used to work at the event so I like re-living the moments.


Harriet Davies, comms manager @HarriKings1

@TEDTalks – For finding out stuff about important stuff.

@UberFacts – Who doesn’t love a random new fact every day?

@MediaGuardian – Keeps me up to date with everything in the sector I work in.

@GourmetGorro – For finding out all the new places to eat and drink in Cardiff.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.11.12

@LenaDunham – Because I love her in general.

@CharltonBrooker – Such deep cynicism oddly makes me feel better about my life in general.

@BBCBreaking – Self-explanatory but very important.

@FacesPics – Pictures of faces in inanimate objects. Just because.

@History_pics – I am a history buff and generally fascinated by everything in the past.

@HowStuffWorks – Another self-explanatory one.


Emma Croke, senior comms exec @EmCrokee

@Hangfirebbq – The best BBQ place in town. I’ve got their book on pre-order and cannot wait to start cooking up BBQ-y goodness.

@Missguided – I love Missguided clothes, but I love the brand more. It’s brave, funny and relatable.

@C0SYBEAN – Feminism, mental health and beauty all wrapped in one beautifully designed and photographed blog/Twitter account. Literally everything I wish I was brave enough to write about myself! Go. Check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.13.42

@elenacresci – Love. Her. She’s from Wales, is opinionated, writes, and is vocal about issues I care about. Everything I want to be.

@Pundamentalism – Absolutely hilarious.

@ILovesTheDiff – If you’re from Cardiff (or thereabouts) and don’t love this account, there’s something really wrong.

@hungrycityhippy – The must-follow account for delicious vegan food in Cardiff and the wider area (I’m not vegan but try to be healthy…).

@CaitlinMoran – Just bought her new book, Moranifesto. I’d vote for her.

@ExplorewithEd – Totally travel envy, with a bit of foodie goodness thrown in.

@Independent – I think it’s definitely the best newspaper Twitter account, despite the closure of its print version.


Rosie Nutland, senior comms exec @RosieNutland

@BBCR1 – For keeping up to date with the latest playlists and emerging artists.

@buzz_magazine – For finding out what’s happening in and around Cardiff every weekend.

@bbcwalesnews – Finding out the latest breaking news in Wales.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.17.33

@londoncrispco – I love their wit and creativity when responding to customer tweets

@problemaumerch – My daily dose of Welsh banter.

@deliciouslyella – For healthy meal inspiration and recipes.

@TEDtalks – I love hearing about all of the creative and innovative projects people are working on across the world.

@billiejdporter – Followed her after watching one of her documentaries and enjoy her quirkiness on Twitter.

@buzzfeed – My go-to for unusual and random stories.

@MsHelenRussell – Author of ‘The Year of Living Danishly’ and now Scandinavian correspondent for the Guardian. Fuels my curiosity about all things Denmark! I will book a trip there one day…


Alice Simpson, office manager @alee0109

@RuPaul – The sassiest Twitter account in town.

@ZellnerLaw – Steven Avery’s current defence lawyer Kathleen Zellner. I’m currently hanging on her every word for updates on the most addictive TV show to ever grace Netflix, Making a Murderer (sad, I know).

@lenadunham – Blending international news and messages about the women’s movement with hilarity and relatable 140 word anecdotes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.19.26

@JamesBlunt – For embracing his surname and dismissing the haters one witty comment at a time.

@GWRHelp – a.k.a First Great Western purely because I admire the patience of their social media team in dealing with complaints.

@ILovestheDiff – Keeping me up to date with local goings on.

@NoiseyMusic – New music updates ft. trending articles making sure celebrities never get too big for their boots.

@GoooRooo – a.k.a Sarah Stimson – golden nuggets of PR wisdom and tips, highly recommend for graduates looking to cut their teeth in the PR world.

@IveReadThat – Proving that in a digital world there will always be room for literature.


What are your favourite Twitter accounts? Have we missed anything brilliant? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll be sure to share.

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