14.06.2016 Twitterview: Bethan Lewis, Senior Communications Manager

The rules are simple: 13 questions, 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Bethan Lewis, our Senior Communications Manager.

Bio – Senior comms manager and sports broadcaster living in Cardiff. Enjoy playing tennis, socialising and seeing the world!

Best thing about your job? No two days are ever the same and I get to work with awesome colleagues and clients on some pretty cool campaigns.

Your desert island disc? That’s easy, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album (as an aside, Sara and I rock at duetting Paradise By The Dashboard Light on long journeys).

Your desert island book? Something gripping like The Lovely Bones. One I’m keen to read is Room by Emma Donoghue.

What’s your free time treat? Playing tennis, visiting friends, planning holidays, cooking and wine drinking.

Favourite place? Central Park, New York. Purely because I got engaged there and can’t imagine going back as it would never be as magical again.

Pet hate? People who seemingly struggle with common courtesy. Seriously it only takes two seconds to smile or say hello.

What makes you smile? A lot of things. I’d like to think I’m regularly happy so I make the time to chat and laugh about nonsense and the most random of things.

Words of wisdom? Put everything into perspective please.

Favourite place to eat? A Sunday roast at The Captain’s Wife in Sully.

Guilty pleasure? A glass of red and some chocolate sitting on the sofa catching up on Corrie.

A secret you don’t mind sharing? I was totally gutted when picked for the band and not the dance group for an Eisteddfod at primary school – I was tasked with the tambourine…

What couldn’t you live without? Sports, friends and laughter…it would be a boring place without fun wouldn’t it?!