03.12.2015 Twitterview: Darren Evans, Head of Content

The rules are simple. 13 questions. 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Darren Evans, our Head of Content. As a former journalist of 13 years, we had fun turning the tables and asking him all the burning questions for a change.

Bio – @DarrenEvansPR Former journo starting a new career in PR. Head of Content @BrighterComms

Best thing about your job?

The new challenge, the variety of work and my lovely colleagues – I worked alone at home for six years so it’s nice to have company again.

Your desert island disc?

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis, the soundtrack to my teenage years.

Your desert island book?

Anything by Bill Bryson. Whatever subject he writes about he makes it interesting and readable.

What’s your free time treat?

Free time itself is a treat when you have a toddler. I try to read, catch up on some TV or maybe go on the PS4.

Favourite place?

Cardiff. I’ve always loved the city and its sights, especially Bute Park, Roath Park, the Bay and the Millennium Stadium.

Pet hate?

Far too many for 140 characters, but here’s a few: apostrophe misuse, drivers not indicating, noisy people at the cinema, litter, ironing.

What makes you smile?

My two-year-old daughter Lily, every single day.

Words of wisdom?

“If it is to be it is up to me.” Something my science teacher used to say that has stuck with me.

Favourite place to eat?

Cardiff’s New York Deli for their enormous, meat-filled hoagies.

Guilty pleasure?

Lidl’s mini marzipan butter stollen. It’s only available around Christmas so I make sure I stock up. Also root beer.

A secret you don’t mind sharing?

I am a bit of a geek and have a collection of sci-fi memorabilia on display at home.

What couldn’t you live without?

Apart from my wife and daughter, the internet. I recently moved house and was offline for two weeks. Never again.