15.07.2016 Twitterview: Emma Croke, Senior Communications Executive

The rules are simple: 13 questions, 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Emma Croke, our Senior Communications Executive.

Bio – Senior Comms Exec @brightercomms. Social media and digital comms are my thing. Wordmonger. Part-time fitness and health enthusiast. Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg. 

Best thing about your job? I get to do lots of different things. One day I could be launching a bar, the next I’m writing an in-depth legal article. 

Your desert island disc? Beyoncé. Anything by Beyoncé

Your desert island book? There are too many to choose. Probably something motivating like #GIRLBOSS. 

What’s your free time treat? Cooking, or reading cookery books.

Favourite place? Prague is my favourite city I’ve visited. Go in the winter, when the place is covered in snow.

Pet hate? Rudeness. There is nothing worse.

What makes you smile? Photographs. I don’t take enough, and need to get better at it.

Words of wisdom? From my mother: “The little bit you do today is a little bit less you have to do tomorrow.” Something that got me through uni work.

Favourite place to eat? Somewhere Middle Eastern or Spanish. Other than that I’m not fussy…

Guilty pleasure? Locking myself away for a few hours and reading. It’s so hard to find time for it these days.

A secret you don’t mind sharing? I applied many times for Junior Mastermind. My specialist subjects were Harry Potter or Friends. I’m still bitter that I wasn’t picked.

What couldn’t you live without? Books, family, friends and some sort of internet-connected device. And cheese.