01.05.2015 Twitterview: Gwyneth Moore, Head of Communications

The rules are simple. 13 questions. 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Gwbrighter_commsyneth Moore, our antipodean queen of strategy. We’ve asked ALL the burning questions…

Bio: @cardifffashion – fashion blogger, author, lecturer & social media consultant

Best thing about your job?: The variety of things I get to do each day and the interesting people I work with, colleagues and clients.

Worst thing about your job?: Too much cake available in the office!

Your desert island disc?: Passenger, ‘All the Little Lights’ always makes me smile, laugh and sometimes cry.

Your desert island book?: No Logo, by Naomi Klein, a brilliant, ground-breaking book about branding.

What’s your free time treat?: Catching up on Downton Abbey episodes and reading Living etc. magazine.

Favourite place?: I love Barcelona, it’s got everything, culture, good food, beautiful architecture and beaches.

Pet hate?: People parking so close to you that you can’t open your car door to get in!

What makes you smile?: My kids and their crazy, random sense of humour.

Words of wisdom?: My Dad always made me believe I could do anything I wanted to and I try to teach my kids that.

Favourite place to eat?: Anything Italian or Spanish, or anywhere with a sea view.

Guilty pleasure?: I love watching TV and always have, since I was a kid. It’s great escapism.

A secret you don’t mind sharing?: I auditioned for and was accepted into a specialist theatre arts high school, I wanted to be a famous actress!

What couldn’t you live without?: Seeing the sea, I’d really struggle living inland. I’ve always lived near the coast.